Electric Drill Pump Free Shipping

Transfer, Drain & Pump High Pressured Water Anywhere Effectively!

- High flow, stable property, and high efficiency.
- Compact design, convenient to carry and storage.
- Easy to install and simple to use. No batteries needed.
- Fit all drill chucks, you can get a pump with an electric drill.
- Ideal for transferring light liquids, such as freshwater, seawater, oil, dilute organic solvents, insecticides, and liquid fertilizer.

Material: Plastic
Size: 126*63mm
Shank Diameter: 1/4"
Inlet/Outlet Inner Diameter: 16mm
Inlet/Outlet Outer Diameter: 19mm

Flow Rate:
20-30L/min (120W-350W 1500-2500RPM)
30-40L/min (350W-650W 2500-3500RPM)

Package included:
1 x Water Pump
2 x Hose Clamps
2 x Screws
2 x Shelves